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Young Adults and ACA

Young people are a key factor to whether the newly enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obamacare will succeed in the coming years. This Stay Tuned episode analyzes the key role young adults have in the success of this law. Despite being the law of the land, many state governments are having trouble implementing the law and many citizens are having trouble understanding it. With difficulties on both end of the spectrum, the individuals that are key part in the success of the ACA, young adults, are going without insurance. In this episode, panelists explain the provisions of the ACA that most closely apply to young people and discuss the need to reach out to the younger population to explains the importance of having health insurance. Providing viewpoints from both the conservative and liberal perspective, this episodes gives various opinions on the controversial Obamacare.

I have a met a number of patients in their 50s and they said goodbye to their pediatrician at 18…and then they showed up in the emergency room at 50 with a heart attack.” – Dr. Heidi Miller


When It Comes To Obamacare, Ignorance Is Bliss For Young Americans

When It Comes To Obamacare, Ignorance Is Bliss For Young Americans

By: Scott W. Atlas M.D., Forbes. It is a universal truism that the youth will determine our future, and this younger generation has already made its mark. With a massive voter turnout, they played a major role in electing Barack Obama in 2008, when he won two-thirds of the vote among thosemore …

Inside the Obamacare resistance

Inside the Obamacare resistance

By Sarah Kliff, The Washington Post. Dean Clancy wants you to burn your Obamacare draft card. That there’s no such thing as an Obamacare draft card is, at best, only a small problem.more …

Young Adults’ Obamacare Awareness Low Ahead Of Rollout, Survey Says

Young Adults' Obamacare Awareness Low Ahead Of Rollout, Survey Says

By Jeffery Young, Huffington Post. Young adults, especially those with low incomes who will qualify for financial assistance, have poor awareness of health insurance options that will be available under President Barack Obama's health care reform law, according to survey findings published Wednesday that underscore the challenges facing Obamacare.more …