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Water Matters

For the past year and a half, the Nine Network has convened meetings with a group of conservationists to explore the connection between healthy water, healthy land and our region’s economy. Our recent efforts focus on one of our most precious resources — one that drives our economy and is deeply connected to our health and well-being – our water.

Water Matters represents Nine’s efforts to raise awareness around issues related to our environment. On this episode of Stay Tuned we kick off Water Matters by exploring our rivers and streams; and how they are connected to commerce, policy, and public health.

What we do to the land ultimately impacts what we are doing to our water.”

- Heather Brouillet Navarro


It’s Time for Liquid Courage!

It's Time for Liquid Courage!

It's time to talk about water! That's right, water. That strange drinkable liquid that's not coffee or alcohol. Because while 70% of the world is covered by water, only 0.03% is accessible and drinkable...more …

St. Louis water develops foul taste and smell

St. Louis water develops foul taste and smell

By Nick Pistor - ST. LOUIS - The Missouri River is to blame for St. Louis' foul smelling water, officials say. Curt Skouby, the city’s water commissioner, said the odor and taste difference should be gone within a few days...more …