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STL Startup Scene

We first started exploring entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development in our region more than a year ago, and we kept hearing one thing over and over again — this is just the beginning. Experts, entrepreneurs, and investors told us that the energy and successes would not only increase, but explode, as St. Louis continued down the path of innovation. Nine has remained invested in the entrepreneurial community, seeing some of these predictions come true, but this week we wanted to ask the question again — where are we NOW?

With the boom of entrepreneurs in our region, what needs to happen for St. Louis to solidify our status as a top entrepreneurial hotspot? How do we cultivate, attract, and retain talent? How exactly does it impact all of us if the next Google is founded in our neighbor’s garage? And even if St. Louis is a great place to start such a venture, do we have what it takes to keep it here as it grows?