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It wasn’t that long ago when town squares were the center of a community’s life. When confronted by tough issues, people met there formally and informally to hash out problems and possible solutions.

The Nine Network takes old-fashioned community conversation to a new-fashioned level with the weekly series Stay Tuned, which uses the latest technology to bring people face to face for in-depth discussions of issues important to the long term vitality of the region.

Guided by host Casey Nolen, the conversation each week focuses on topics that matter to the region, informed and guided by input from social media and our online queries.

The core of the production takes place in the Nine Network’s Nine Center for Public Engagement, which has been transformed into an expansive television studio for the broadcasts. Nolen launches each week by introducing the topic, using data, facts, experts, journalists and community members to illustrate why as a community we should care about the issue and offer solutions to what can be done to address the issue.

There are many ways that your voice can be heard:

Follow us on Twitter @StayTunedSTL. Vote in our polls and join weekly conversations with Casey and our producers using the hashtag #StayTunedSTL

Send in your thoughts in our online queries: staytuned.ninenet.org/shinebig

Follow our Instagram and upload videos of you giving your thoughts with the hashtag #StayTunedSTL

Then, on Friday night at 7pm, join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #StayTunedSTL